I leveled up on the same spots as the Mage did. Once you hit Job Level 40, it’s time to change to Hunter. This Archer is around Level 20 because of its very slow ASPD. An archer could even visit Glast Heim and kill Zombie Prisoners and Skeleton Prisoners but I tell you it’s not very efficient and the competition is too high. Sorry everyone if it took too long before I uploaded this but here it is! Archer Guide 1-40 Ragnarok Origin. The ability to change the element of their weapon quickly by changing their arrow type. © 2020 1gamerdash.com All Rights Reserved. Happy playing! Unlike other classes, Archer starts with their awakening weapon, which is a Greatbow and can also unlock awakening skills before level 56. Additionally, being an AOE spell, Arrow Shower’s is particularly useful when having to kill groups of mobs. I have even already job changed it into a Hunter before I was able to write this post. Either Rockers (Special Labyrinth Forest Spot) or Wormtails (Prontera North). Btw, I’ve got a tip after job change. ADL Hunter. AccessoriesAccessories are quite expensive early on. Ragnarok Online Archer Guide . I don’t have a picture now but I will upload soon. This is where I could suggest you to go Payon Cave. Unlock the Assistant.Base Level 21? This is my Archer – Hunter Skills plan that I have made in RMS Skill Simulator. A server who aims to bring back Classic Ragnarok. Those who are talented in dealing with the bow became Archers that boast high accuracy rate through excellent dexterity. VIT:1 4. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Otherwise, you can complete Rifts to try your luck at looting some: You will roughly be between Base Level 10-40 as an Archer. Attacking remotely, Archer can attack and replace the element of his attack by changing the Arrow type. I also mentioned this leveling spot in Acolyte Leveling Guide since Acolytes can go level ANYWHERE. STR:1 2. Additionally, arrows have elemental properties which is a huge boost when dealing with monsters. See Hunter Builds, Dancer Builds or Bard Buildsfor build strategies. DEX:9 6. Base Level 15? Get your first Pet. Owl’s Eye 10 Elemental Arrow 10 > 20 Owl’s Eye 10 Vulture’s Eye 10 > 20 Arrow Shower 10. If the video didn’t show up, please click HERE . Here’s one of the best areas. As always, ayothaya has been everyone’s favorite for job leveling. Luk will be more useful later as Crit needs damage + atk speed to be useful. So you’ve decided to play the Archer in Ragnarok Mobile. Check out various builds like ADL, Trapper, and Blitzer. They wield Whip type weaponsto perform songs and dances that either buff your allies or debuff enemies. Hunters are usually the king of PVP as of now. Archers and Mages are the fastest leveling characters in this game. I didn’t try to level up here since it’s a really mainstream and super-crowded. The DropsAs for drops, both Rockers and Wormtails give pretty trash items. Whilst zeny is super important in Ragnarok Mobile, it is often more recommended to focus on levels early on. To help you along the way we’re going to cover stat distribution, skill choice, recommended leveling (grinding/farming) locations and gear progression. The stock starts at 10 if there is an Archer in the party. You can support us by subscribe our Youtube and follow our social media on Twitter , Facebook . You will eventually have access to unlimited free skill and stat resets. Dancers can advance into a Gypsy (2-2 Transcendent) then further job change into a Wanderer(3rd job class, a.k.a. Their range gives them an advantage over stationary or slow monsters. Unlock Mission Board QuestBase Level 20? I think Level 10 Vulture’s Eye is just for WOE since the satellite view is higher, while on most maps, you could already hit any mob on screen with Level 7 Vulture’s Eye. Also I don’t think I’d need to level 9 my Arrow Shower since I am a Blitz Type who just click the enemy and let them die. Accuracy and damage is increased by the same stat (DEX), allowing all attacks to connect and deal a lot of damage. The Archer class uses a crossbow as their primary weapon and a Ra’ghon as their secondary weapon, which is an arm guard. Sniper attack skills can be categorized into three skill trees: Arrow skills, Falcon skills and Trap skills. However you may want to factor in that Rockers have a higher density (Arrow shower can suppliment your auto attack and can kill multiple Rockers at the same time) plus they are a higher level (higher exp penalty threshold). BECAUSE PARASITES DON’T MOVE like Greatest Generals. Also that guy using a bow is a Thief, but it is equipped with bow and fire arrow, so that’s it. 2. Ragnarok Mobile Archer/Hunter/Sniper Comprehensive Guide 3 - Archer skills. Leveling Archer Archer is a job that is very adept at using arrows. Agi-Dex. This is my Archer – Hunter Skills plan that I have made in RMS Skill Simulator. You can switch element of your weapon with arrows. Bring back the FUN in GRINDING! ADL Sniper. This guide can use in Ragnarok RevoClassic and RE:START server. Except if you go BLITZ Type. Their male counterpart is the Bard class. DEX:9 6. LUK:1 If you wanna get updated with content updates and Hunter Leveling Guide. but my guide isn’t pure Blitz because it’s hard to play and take too much time for kill. Str for more arrows to carry, 10 str = 300 weight limit, so that’s 900 arrows. Once you collect enough trunks you can pass the test and become an archer. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Saint Ring feel free to put off filling this equip slot for now. Hello friends, in this video we want to share our experience playing Archer Ragnarok Origin. I definitely get bored with this build because it’s IMBA in PVP in this patch. 1 Background 2 Job Change Quest 3 Notable Archers 4 Races 5 Armor 6 Weapons 7 Abilities 7.1 Ragnarok Online 7.2 Ragnarok Online II 8 Advanced Jobs 8.1 Ragnarok Online 8.2 Ragnarok Online II 9 Media No data yet. Come Join Our Community Fan Page in Facebook. August 31, 2020 . If you ended up rolling any Saint gear then use it instead of the equipment listed below. The Archer is the ranged attacker, using bows to deal physical damage while not actually being in melee combat. If you wanna get updated with new content, TIPS or … Apart from the long-range advantage, these units have exceptional DPS. They are part of the Archer platinum quest skills. The max stock can't be higher than 99. You’re now on your way to becoming an absolute DPS beast. This comprehensive ADL build guide is part of a series that will cover everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. Unlock Training Ground.Base Level 30? Agi for obvious reasons, Int for additional 6 SP Regen and Falcon Damage, Dex 60+ just enough to hit several mobs, and Luk 40+ to increase the chance of auto blitz. Archer class is the fastest leveling class in Ro. Eg. I’m even planning to build a BOW type thief in preparation for Rogue because of this. 1. Just keep the bow [4] and invest with composite bow, cross bow or gakkung. Why? Spores takes 75% more damage from wind arrows. Best build for GvG due to AOE of Arrow Storm; DPS – ADL. This is popular class for farm items. This Ranger Guide forms part of the comprehensive ADL build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. As an Archer, you will have a total of 40 Skill points to allocate. ADL Archer. Their dances can be performed alone (solo) or as an “Ensemble” with a Bard. To day. Improve Concentration 10 > 20 Blitz Beat 10 Beast Mastery 5 > 20 Splitting Arrow 5 Heavy Arrow 10. Maestro). This comprehensive ADL build guide is part of a series that will cover everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. There are many ways you can allocate your Archer stats. How to levelling archer from level 1 to level 40? Out of the two, Wormtail has the higher ratio. Hunter Leveling GuideJuly 12, 2017Leveling. ". Ragnarok Mobile Archer/Hunter/Sniper Comprehensive Guide. Please like our Facebook fan page. If you wish to contribute, you can send us a message here. Archer Guide for Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Hunters are usually the king of PVP as of now. Easy to get items like Jellopy and Great Nature drop in price fast. In this video, we'll talk about the recommended stats, skills and runes for the ADL Sniper Build. Which looks fun, this is why I have my own BLITZ type Hunter. For a solo Archer, the stock maxes out at 50. NOTE: This was originally posted on my defunct blog, reposting it here since it's relevant again. The only way to restock Arrows is to use Reload (D/Special button). AGI 119 DEX 119 LUK – the rest. You can reach Job 50 in 2-3 hours. Archer Stat Guide. Thanks! This is a fan-made guide to Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love South East Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) English Version. So I prioritized it last since it’s fast to do anyway. But if you ask for an ideal leveling spot for an archer? For two Archers, the stock maxes out at 99. You’re now on your way to becoming an absolute DPS beast. I actually JOB CHANGED at JOB Level 42 because I easily get bored. Not enough options? INT:9 5. A 3:2 stat distribution ratio is a good start (Eg. The bow in the hands of Archers is enough of a threat with destructive power that it can choose to either target an opponent directly or near it. Revo-Classic Archer Guide. Every 10th stat point will costs 1 more attribute point to level. Skills. In Renewal System. With these advantages, archers can end the battle before it even start. This guide will help you unlock your character's full potential. Below is a set of beginner gear you can aim for. But you can try if you want, especially in the new server. Don’t worry about getting it too perfect early on. If you think you needed more leveling spots other than this, feel free to check the Base EXP and JOB EXP top charts from level 1-40. Advantage of Archer is high damage and long-range attack. Check where I leveled up using my Bow Thief. For more details on HOW TO DO IT you can read the full article here. Starting Build 1. Their range gives them several advantages, which includes: 1. In my own biased opinion, playing an archer is a bit boring. The only other weapon an Archer can equip is a dagger (typically used to save arrows). Invest with bows first. The Archer Guild is located in the farthest northeast corner of the Archer Village. The below are the recommended skill allocations: I recommend Arrow Shower over Double Strafe. Dancersare the alternate 2nd job class of the Archer class. No questions. Now that you are Job Level 70 it’s time to transition to Ranger. You will by far spend the least amount of time in this tier. STR:1 2. I have good news and […] Congratulations on picking the Archer as your job of choice. The archer is one of the many job classes you can take up in the game. by Weggy Updated to v1.1 on Apr 22, 2002. Rockers & WormtailsLeveling your Archer is quite straight forward. Remember that going for SPORE HEAVEN is also a great option. Actually, during leveling up, Level 7 Vulture’s Eye is enough. New Player Guide (Novice Levels 1-10 & Saint E ... Vulture’s Eye/Owl’s Eye (You can level these evenly together), Level 30 – Underwater Cave Rift (Gloves, Brooch). It’s even much simpler than mage. Uhh… yeah you can but they’re crowded now. Focus on LevelingMonsters like Skeletons give better loot (Steel, Awakening Potion). Falcon is ignored DEF and Flee(not change anything). However, Archers are not without love, especially the love of the Payon Forest in which they grew up to cherish. Simply Register here in Coins.ph and get 600 Rok Points Registration Promo. You can replace it after you obtain a 2 Slot Tier IV Crossbow (you’ll also need a couple of cards to make use of that extra slot). One day, they answer the call to adventure by the recruitment announcement of Tristan III, Lord of Rune-Midgarts. 1 Map Down, 1 Map Right of Yuno or Just get a warper in Payon to Warp you in Geo. RO2Base provides Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of The Second Database with Character Simulator, and lets you share your builds or rate others Check out our Equipment Crafting Guide. Another option again, like the Mage leveling spots, would be EGGYRAS. If you have save enough, and your Ragnarok archer could already equip the bow, buy the next bow that does more damage. This guide will tell you exactly where and how to get the skills arrow crafting, charge arrow (arrow repel) for your Archer in Ragnarok Online (RO). INT:9 5. However I find it best to lean more towards Dex than Agi. Using bows and arrows is one of the advantages of using Archer. You simply have to start the quest at Payon Archer Village by talking to the Archer Guildsman and she will tell you to collect trunks. Just /memo here with your Priest or Acolyte and warp your Archer here. These monsters will provide a quick path to Hunter. Look no further, 99porings.com got you covered! Once you reach Job Level 21 wherein you already have Level 10 Double Strafe, Level 5 Owl’s Eye and Vulture’s Eye. This makes Archers able to exploit elemental advantages easily. That archer’s not me. Ragnarok Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, based on the manga Ragnarok written by Myung-Jin Lee. I actually JOB CHANGED at JOB Level 42 because I easily get bored. Below is the video guide about Archer, Hunter and Sniper Ragnarok Origin Skill. Anything you see there except mushrooms until you get Level 10 Double Strafe, if you are poor and has no SP pots, go for Level 5 Owl’s Eye and Level 5 Vulture’s Eye. No questions. The Archer has the least complicated set of skills for first jobs as well. Double Strafer (PVP) – Basic Stats: Dex 99, Agi 99, Vit/Str (Remaining Stats). This is a comprehensive guide so be prepared to read a LOT. Alright so you’re finished with Peak Shards and your first Job Breakthrough. The Stats. Search for leveling spots, skill guides, equipment guides, pet guides, card guides, and rune guides! It’s easy to play just click and wait. ^^ For Official Ragnarok Mobile website, you may visit: Archers are skilled with the bow and have the ability to accurately hit their targets from long distances. AGI:9 3. Starting Build 1. Congratulations on picking the Archer as your job of choice. So you’ve decided to play the Archer in Ragnarok Mobile. Just equip a fire arrow and kill Mukas again in this Map. They are gender based and only female characters can become a Dancer. These higher level mobs typically have even better loot, especially if there aren’t many players farming them yet. Archer is from Payon city. I will be your guide with leveling strategies in Revo-Classic Ragnarok Online especially if you hate crowded places like me. The game's focus is squarely on … To begin, simply talk to the Archer Guildsman, who is inside the Archer Guild in the Archer Village (coordinates: payon_in02 64, 71). This is old school build. With skill in the bow, … See Job Change to Archer Reina Kavach Icarus Marlbron Both Normans and … Ragnarok Archer Guide - Equipment When you became an archer, the archer guildsman would give you a bow[4]. Archers are experts at long-range combat with Bows and Arrows. AGI:9 3. For Ragnarok DS on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Skill/Stat Build For Archer? once you change to archer, go directly to Payon Spors (1 map east of payon). The Archer Village, on the other hand, … The Saint BowThe Saint Bow is especially good early on as it not only provides +10% Base Exp on killing monsters but also the weapons stats itself improve as you level. The Cross BowSpeaking of Crossbow, if you don’t have the fortune of starting with a Saint Bow, the Crossbow will suffice. The Archer is the first job in the tree that we’re going to cover. Rift Quests and during Hunter Job Change Quest. This is because, higher levels will give you the stats and skills needed to farm higher level mobs. I will guide you about Blitz Hunter. As an ADL build your primary stats will be Agi, Dex and Luk. NO VIP, NO Dual, NO Pay to Win, with 1x/1x/1x rates but increases up to 20x as level increases. 30 Dex and 20 Agi). Blitz Hunter not different from the past. I definitely get bored with this build because it’s IMBA in PVP in this patch. Also, every thing below the Trap Skills should be maxed out since they are the Blitz Beat Skills. One tip is to sell your loot fast. As Double Strafe’s cast time makes it less useful for the ADL build (As a bonus you won’t have to worry about mana management). Snipers are the best ranged DPS in the game. Once you job change, go outside and kill mobs up to Job Level 2 just enough to get Falcon Mastery so you can go here in the rightmost part of the Hunter’s Guild. Snipers also have very useful passives and buff skills in their arsenal. Archers are the most versatile characters especially because this server sells Elemental Quivers for Rok Points. You can levelling up by doing quest and hunting monster, also killing 5 mini Boss and 5 … Yes, only three leveling spots to reach Job Level 42 or 50. Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Archer, Hunter, and Sniper! The reason you do not want the ratio too far apart is because the cost per stat increases as you level them. stay here till youre job lvl 41-50(never hurts to max out all your skills although i rarely use multishot). All equipment can be crafted once you have the required materials: Looking for more equip info? See Hunter Builds, Dancer Builds or Bard Buildsfor build strategies. 3. This is because both Rockers and Wormtails have very high Exp to Hp ratios, making them perfect for leveling. Archer Solo Leveling Guide Ragnarok Online Admin September 12, 2017. An ally Merchant with Enlarge Weight Limit increases the max stock by up to 10 per level. However while you’re still an Archer you will want to focus on Agi and Dex. VIT:1 4. Blitz Type (SP Efficient Hunting) – Basic Stats Hybrid: Str 10, Agi 90+, Int 36, Dex 60+, Luk 40+. THE SNIPER GUIDE!! You already have the right to go to Payon Field 10. LUK:1 But getting things right from the beginning will make your progression easier and faster. Bueno la guia es la siguiente, asi nos haremos un buen archer: Empezaremos con los siguientes stats de novice: AGI 9 DEX 9 STR 9 El build del archer para un buen leveleo seria asi: STR 9 DEX 9 AGI 9 ----- STR 9 DEX 20 AGI 10 ----- STR 9 DEX 30 AGI 20 ----- STR 9 DEX 50 AGI 40 ----- Archers are experts at long-range combat with Bows and Arrows. Range enables archers to defeat stationary or slow-moving opponents that are stronger than they are … This is a Archer Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. 1 Map Right and 1 Map Top from Morroc. These skills make are useful fo… Home Games Ragnarok Mobile ADL Archer Guide (Beginner).

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